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Brunswick House Wedding


For this wonderfully ancient, quirky and glamorous venue we decided on spheres of wild garden flowers sat above oversized jars, with the root system arranged to look as though it was hanging down into the jars. The idea was for the flowers to be as stripped back and naked as the building, but, also like the building they had to be alive and dazzling with a wild exuberance.

Taking garden baskets that we'd pre planted, we went about placing cut flowers in strategic places, and the pips that were left from the Lily of the Valley were used to form the root systems.

The same technique was used in other areas, adding pops of colour with fabulous cerise peonies

The more glamorous Saloon room with the grand piano was given a slightly more glamorous look along the same theme, but with a more traditional arrangement - something that might have been presented to Madame Patti back in the day!

Finally the bar and main reception...