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Autumnal Gardens...

There's nothing quite like watching the seasons change, and our gardens are now gradually turning to seed leaving some beautiful silhouettes, agapanthus and alliums, cow parsely and echinacea - but it's a great time for flowers too, we're still seeing beautiful bright yellow Rudbeckias and deep purple Verbena along with beautiful Salvia and Perovskia. We love our wildlife here at Little Lake and do all we can to encourage the little fellas to hang around until the bitter end! 

Things to do in October

Plant new trees. There's lots of water in the ground now, and they love that.

Herbaceous perennials such as delphiniums, hostas, lupins and primroses should be lifted, divided and replanted. 

Summer bedding should now be removed and replaced with winter and spring bedding before severe weather begins.

Plant up your winter window boxes now with beautiful Paperwhites